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I’m writing a blog. This is all Allison’s fault. She’s the one that suggested I do this. It’s not like I really have anything terribly interesting to say. But whatever. I was supposed to start this blog for a class on Hispanic Catholicism, however I haven’t really jumped on that yet.  We’re sitting in my room watching Baby Mama with 4 other girls. This is totally normal and happens all the time. It makes for good bonding. We joke that we’re all 1 person anyways. I think that’s because we can all relate to each other in different ways. I really lucked out in roommates and what not. I’m still not so sure about how well this blog thing is going to work, but I guess I’m willing to give it a try. This one is for you Allison, and all my interesting (not) opinions.


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One thought on “Hey There

  1. This Allison girl must be one smart cookie. If only the world could hear the conversations we have on a daily basis, I don’t know what they’d do with us (other than love us of course).

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