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IHOP International Husband Option Place

I have to say that I love my friends. They are the funniest people ever. We are all so very different, but also very similar. We all have secrets we share, it’s basically like a constant sleepover all the time. There’s always a SVU marathon, and we constantly share food and gossip. We make up our own words, run around like crazy kids, I’m sure our downstairs neighbors must hate us. We spend too much time at Cabo Bob’s and Chik-fil-a, however our favorite late night hang out however is IHOP.  Angela is our favorite waitress there, she treats us as if we’re the best, and I love her for that. She jokes with us and puts up with our long waiting periods of us being unsure what we’re going to eat. I swear some of the greatest things that we say often occur here. These are relationships that I want to last forever. And years now when you’re the first of us to have a baby with a brilliant and impressive man, I want to be there so your future baby can call me Auntie Amanda…


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