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I want a sandwich. And my birthday is in 3 days

Not that I want a sandwich for my birthday, I would like one now….

Now that I’ve had my sandwich, I am much more content and I’m actually a bit tired now. Does grape jelly expire? I hope not…

Anyways, since my birthday is coming up in a few days, I’ve found myself wondering what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. I know that’s a bit ridiculous, but it has been a constant fear this past week. In my mind, my only focus is being able to provide for my family, that is, the family I don’t have yet. But I already know that there are some things that I want for them. I want them to live in a nice are, and a good home. I want my kids to go to Catholic school. I want a circle driveway and a large backyard for my kids to play around in. I don’t want anything terribly fancy, cause I don’t really need it, I just really want a sense of security but I worry how I will get it. I ran into Caroline today, and she talked me through my worries, basically telling me that these feelings were normal and I had every right to be concern. But I’m not even 20 yet. I shouldn’t be dead set worried about these things now. I also have to remind myself that I can’t try to plan my life. No matter how much I would like to think that my life is my own, it isn’t. I am a child of God and I have to remind myself that He will lead me where I am supposed to be, doing whatever I’m supposed to be doing, at the right time.


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