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I love my coworkers…

They always make me feel better about my life and seem to give the best advice. Like today, when I purchased $20 worth of yoga magazines because my roommate and I have “talked” about ¬†giving it a try; just like we have also “talked” about trying Zumba and making efforts to go to the gym (granted the last one has occurred a few times, however we are still intimidated by people who legitimately go to the gym.) Regardless, I figured embracing myself in the literature would greatly help and somehow encourage me to go give yoga a try…. but I’ll get to that later.

On my way out, I stopped to talk to Sheila, the security guard whom I love and is like a second mother to me. She noticed the large stack of magazines in my hands and I explained to her how I just haven’t been terribly happy with myself lately and how I just need to get my life back together. She smiled and suggested yoga, because she and her daughters loved it, but she also said something that made me think. Sheila knew I was going to India for a few weeks, she knew I’d be going to San Diego for Chris over break, and she knows about West Virginia. She reminded me how I’d done a lot of awesome things in 2012 and that I’ll be doing a lot of cool things in 2013. I might not be happy with myself, but my heart has always in the right place in actions. So how do I get my head and my heart in the same place?

As for that, well I will be working on that overtime, and the best time to start is now!



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